About Us




Some people say it is a renewed ‘Preppy’ style, some others that it has a vintage touch, but what Williot really has is the essence of a family from Elche, well-known for their 40 years of manufacturing shoes, and who are now paving their way in the clothes business. Elegance is an essential part of this family’s DNA. Loyal to our principles, our 40 years’ experience in the shoe business inspired us to manufacture men’s clothes. 

The ages of Williot’s customers range from 15 to 70, and we have managed to conquer not only the most classic and executive wardrobes, but also the boldest ones. 

As defenders of the ‘MADE IN SPAIN’, all our creations are manufactured in Spain and Portugal. We would also like to emphasise that all our shoes are manufactured in Elche, the company’s hometown. We are absolutely committed to maintaining Spanish labour and avoiding the exploitation and low quality typical of other companies. 

We are talking about a firm focused on the national scene. However, over a year ago, the firm started expanding across borders to Latin-America, opening some shops in Chile, as well as to Ireland and to the UK. In addition, our firm’s shoes are already well-known almost throughout Asia, Australia, and the USA. And, what is to be said about Europe? The Italians, the French, the Germans and the British all walk around their big cities wearing Williot. 

Williot pays attention to every single detail, from the collars of polo shirts and the tongues of deck shoes with our brand emblem, to the meticulously embroidered dog, another important symbol of our brand. The brand’s logotype is not a chance occurrence, because apart from the fashion world, we are also well-known dog breeders. A number of our dogs have been world champions. 

Since the company started, we have been inspired by Life, a magazine which marked the lifestyle in the 50s and 60s. In our stores, every single detail, from the placing of the pictures to the aromas, and even the position of every single nail, is intended to create a unique customer experience.

When we enter a Williot store, we can have no doubt as to where we are, its image and elegance make one note the result of a rigorous process aimed at achieving the excellence of details. Because Williot is not just marketing, it is, as we say, the essence of a family.